Life Goes On Within You & Without You
This is my fifth solo collection based on the Buddhist concept of impermanence and explores the contradiction between individuality and mortality created by the passage of time.
The traditional view of the relationship between portraiture and time, is that portraits endure while their subjects grow older and ultimately die. The distinction of ‘Life Goes On Within You And Without You’ is that the artist has introduced an element of time into the portraits themselves.
The flow of thick vivid paint that runs through each portrait is a metaphor for time. It’s a technique that takes several weeks to complete. Vibrant colours are poured onto the canvas and left until a dry outer layer forms, onto which an entire portrait is painted. When the crust is broken, the dynamic inner layers of still liquified paint are released to make their own irreversible impression in a deliberate act reminiscent of the destruction of sand mandalas by Tibetan monks.
What inspires you to create? “I’m trying to emphasize the power of time. It has a great effect on us but we often ignore it in the way that we live our lives. Time is such a powerful force. As we get older, our memories fade, leaving only glimpses. These portraits – which felt indulgent and almost excessive to produce – offer glimpses as I see them … from within and from without.”